3rd Marianas Trench album to be called 'Ever After'

July 15th the first single comes out!!

Look who showed up to the MMVA's in hamster balls... 


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Marianas Trench was nominated for THREE MMVA awards this year. Director of the year (FUCK YEAH COLIN!!!) Pop video of the year and Most watched video of the year! Vote by watching it here: http://bit.ly/j8G3ml

Cinnamon - Matt Webb

Another new song by the guitarist we all know and love!
Hush! Duet with Emily Osment and Josh Ramsay!


604 Records Announces debut single from Matt Webb of Marianas Trench! "Bad Girl" will be on iTunes April 19th. Mark your calendars and "like" his official facbook for updates.

Marianas Trench at the indies!

Mike with the bands award
Marianas Trench left the indies with two out of the three awards they were nominated for! They left with Favourite Single Of The Year and Favourite Pop Artist/Group Of The Year! Congrats boys! You deserve it!!! Congratulations to the other winners as well!

alternative Addiction

During a recent interview with Alternative Addiction, Marianas Trench lead singer Josh Ramsay revealed that the band is planning to release the band’s third album later this year, the highly anticipated follow up to their breakout album Masterpiece Theatre.

“The single is already done and should be ready early summer,” explained Ramasy.   “Then we’re probably looking at an early fall release [for the new album.]”

Ramsay says the band has self-<a href='http://www.alternativeaddiction.com/advertisements/adserver/adclick.php?n=a87972ba' target='_blank'><img src='http://www.alternativeaddiction.com/advertisements/adserver/adview.php?what=zone:37&n=a87972ba' border='0' alt=''></a>produced the tracks they have recorded thus far, but plan to work with a  producer before completing the album.

“I am sure we will be working with some people, just not sure who yet,” says Ramsay.  “The last record we worked with a few producers, as well as doing a bunch of tracks ourselves.   I own a studio now, so as soon as we have a song done we just go in and record it.”

Ramsay says the album’s sound is in the same vein as their previous release, they just pushed themselves even further for the as-of-yet-titled new release.

“The last record to me there was some pop/rock elements to it and there was some art rock,” explained Ramsay.  “The songs [on the new album] for the most part are sort of a radio style, pop/top 40 style, and then there are some that are artsy- and more artsy and weird than the ones on the last record.  We’re working on a very cool way to sort of integrate them into each other for the record.”

Marianas Trench just finished touring in early March as part of The Glamour Kills Tour 2011, which they toured with The Ready Set, Allstar Weekend, Downtown Fiction, and We Are The In Crowd.

And the total is...

 Together we trenchers raised  $18 861.42 for change4change bringing the grand total going to Covenant House to $21 226.42! Everyone did great and every little bit helped, congratulations to all the winners!!! And thank you to the boys of Marianas Trench for introducing us to this amazing opportunity to help others!


A poster I made for the tour


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